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Renn's Slideshows in Archetypal and Holotropic Astrology

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I am happy and honored to share these videos with the larger astrological community and hope they nourish and inspire your appreciation of astrology. This project was a part-time labor of love for four years (2018-2021), though the research that went into it spanned about four decades. Most of the videos were recorded in my 2020-2021 class.

These 14+ videos are part of my larger slideshow of 47 videos which I share with the students in my online courses. If you would like to join this year's class or for more information:


Some ways you can support this work are to like, share, and post after each of these videos on YouTube. It helps them to get seen and this perspective to spread.


If you are in a position to support my work financially, donations of any size would also be gratefully accepted.

You may also purchase the remaining 33 slideshows for $125. 

Wishing you many happy journeys and explorations!




I highly recommend watching the two introductory videos just below first:

 1. Basics of Archetypal Astrology         

 2. Archetypal Astrology, the Rosetta Stone of the Psyche  


In order to understand and appreciate the videos below, it is better to watch the two above beforehand.   


 3. Sun-Neptune

 4. Sun-Saturn                                                                               

 5. Sun-Pluto

 6. Sun-Uranus                                                                                 

 7. Moon-Neptune

 8. Moon-Saturn                                                                           

 9. Moon-Pluto

10. Moon-Uranus                                                                                             11. Saturn-Neptune  

12. Saturn-Pluto Part One

         Part Two

         Part Three                                                                           

13. Uranus-Pluto Part One

         Part Two

         Part Three (only 3 minutes)

14. Uranus-Neptune -


To join this year's class

To purchase the remaining 33 slideshows (Sun-Moon, Sun-Mercury, Sun-Venus, Sun-Mars, Sun-Jupiter, Moon-Mercury, Moon-Venus, Moon-Mars, Moon-Jupiter, Mercury-Venus, Mercury-Mars, Mercury-Jupiter, Mercury-Saturn, Mercury-Uranus, Mercury-Neptune, Mercury-Pluto, Venus-Mars, Venus-Jupiter, Venus-Saturn, Venus-Uranus, Venus-Neptune, Venus-Pluto, Mars-Jupiter, Mars-Saturn, Mars-Uranus, Mars-Neptune, Mars-Pluto, Jupiter-Saturn, Jupiter-Uranus, Jupiter-Neptune, Jupiter-Pluto, Neptune-Pluto, Saturn-Uranus, and some bonus videos) 

Additional Slideshows and Podcasts to Check Out Anytime


Preview: Beginner Introductory Class

(*You may find this one boring unless you are a complete beginner.) 

Using examples from comedy and literature, I show how astrological archetypes combine in recognizeable ways.


The U.S. Pluto Return and the Shadow Phenomenon of Donald J. Trump (Spring 2022)

(from my book The Astrology of Love and Relationships)


Awakenings – Episode #1 – An Interview with Richard Tarnas, PhD.

In this very first episode of Awakenings, Renn Butler and James Moran interview Richard Tarnas, author of Cosmos and Psyche, The Passion of the Western Mind, and Prometheus the Awakener. Rick talks about his seminal discoveries with Stanislav Grof at the Esalen Institute in California, of the archetypally predictive capacity of transit astrology, and many other interesting topics.

The Prophetic Mayan Macro-Astrology – Part One

I explore Stanislav Grof's classic article on the Mayan predictions about 2012 and his crucial insight that the end of Mayan Long Count calendar on December 21, 2012 was not a one-day event, but is an evolutionary process in which humanity is still involved. We remain in the center of a powerful death-rebirth struggle in the consciousness of our species - a time that was predicted by the Maya.


Campbell's Monomyth of the Hero/ine's Journey and Grof's Perinatal Sequence

In this short video I explore Joseph Campbell's articulation of the universal pattern or monomyth which underlies religious mythologies the world over. I demonstrate how these stages in the hero's or heroine's journey correspond to Stanislav Grof's discovery of the four perinatal matrices - stages in the psychospiritual death-rebirth process which determined inner seekers undergo during the process of deep experiential self-exploration.

Conspiracy Theories and the Trauma of Birth

Based on the work of Stanislav Grof and Richard Tarnas, I discuss the profound effects of unhealed birth trauma on the origin of extremist political viewpoints. More generally, I talk about how conspiracy theories are influenced by the planetary archetypes Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, and Jupiter.

Stars of Comedy

I present some examples of comedy, based on the natal aspects of the comedians and comediennes.

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