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     Integration Journeywork, Archetypal Astrology and Dreamwork

                                "Pathways to Wholeness"

                                                             July 31 - Aug 5 at the

                                 Eaglenest Sanctuary near Victoria, B.C.

Join us for this special five-day retreat in the heart of the magical Cowichan Hills of Vancouver Island.  Nourish your mind, body, and soul with presentations on Jungian and Grofian depth psychology, sessions of Integration Journeywork, archetypal astrology, dreamwork, healthy food, swimming, soaking, hiking, and immersion in nature.


This workshop will offer ample opportunities to rest and recharge, with a balance of intellectual stimulation, emotional release work, community bonding, and enjoying the beauty of the forest. Kara Sorensen and James Cunningham will also be onsite offering sessions in massage and bodywork.

Integration Journeywork uses the process of THC Internalized - sessions with eyeshades, headphones and evocative music, as well as energy-releasing bodywork when requested. People can also choose to do deep breathing with the headphones and music instead of THC  (which we call Integration Breathwork). Participants choose a partner for the week and take turns as journeyers and sitters on alternate days - doing two sessions each during the week. There will also be a high ratio of facilitators who will provide support to everyone.

July 31 (Wednesday 6:30 pm for dinner) - check in anytime after 4 pm

   - through August 5 (Monday 11 am after breakfast)

    $699 USD for shared accommodation ($935 Cdn)

    $479 USD if you cook two meals ($645 Cdn)


Includes three meals per day (vegetarian)

*fees are 50% refundable until July 10

With the widespread, favorable coverage of CBD oil, it is surprising how little attention has been given to the responsible use of THC in deep emotional work. Using cannabis with an internalized set or intention can provide unusually strong experiences - for some people, even more so than with MDMA. It is also an ideal training for professionals interested in working with more powerful catalysts in the future. Cannabis is currently the most powerful, legal catalyst to self-exploration in the Western world (legal now in Canada). We invite therapists who are looking for a broad, hands-on training for their own upcoming work in this developing field.

The workshop will include presentations on Grof and Jung's expanded cartography of the human psyche, on how to support clients' own inner self-healing intelligence, on how to use archetypal astrology to support the spiritual quest, and group dreamwork. Journeyers will have unconditional support and full permission to experience any material that emerges from their psyches. This modality combines the maximum benefits and minimized risks of using eyeshades and headphones, with the community-building and inspiring elements of a group workshop. The format will allow plenty of time for optimal integration, with opportunities to walk in nature, swim, soak, sit around the fire, share our experience in group circles, and say hello to the Alpacas. The Eaglenest Sanctuary is bordered by the clear and vibrant Koksilah River, with a large deck, a hot tub, and a famous walking/biking trail adjacent to the property.

We will follow careful medical and psychological screening procedures for all participants. To ensure full effect, we also recommend that people refrain from ingesting THC or other psychedelics for a week prior to the workshop.


Renn Butler trained and certified with Stanislav and Christina Grof as a Holotropic Breathwork facilitator and has been offering workshops and private sessions in Victoria for almost thirty years. His two books, Pathways to Wholeness and The Archetypal Universe have earned widespread critical acclaim.  Grof writes: “I don’t know any other book that combines impeccable scholarship with deep experiential knowledge of the human unconscious.” Renn has also worked in group homes and day programs with physically, mentally, and emotionally challenged adults for more than twenty-five years.

Boris Matthews, Ph.D.  Since graduating from the C. G. Jung Institute of Chicago in 1987, Boris has practiced psychotherapy and Jungian Analysis in the Milwaukee and Madison, WI areas.  At the C. G. Jung Institute of Chicago, he continues to serve on the faculty and various committees, as well as teaching and supervising analytic candidates.  From 2009-2013, he served as director of the Analyst Training Program.  In addition to his practice and work at the Institute, Boris offers talks and presentations on Jungian psychology and consultations for social workers and psychologists. 

                                Comments From Our May Workshop 

It was an experience of a lifetime. Connecting with you all, in such a loving and caring environment was simply incredible. Imagine, how the universe put us together in such a protected and spiritual place. (Participant)


There were moments there that were every bit as powerful as mushrooms. I was surprised at how powerful it was, certainly on a par with other psychedelics. I accessed a lot of emotional and psychological material. (Participant)

The music was tremendous . . . I'm astounded that my session lasted five hours. It was very purifying, both literally and symbolically. I saw father figures, maidens off to my right side. I felt very supported and peaceful, almost exalted. 


I saw spectacular visuals: a king and a queen, a beach with jewels for sand. Everything lit up in fire and then eventually soothed into the coolness of these lakes . . . there were all these doors with psychedelic colours around them opening and closing, each one to different houses I had lived in as a child. (Participant)   


Wow, that was incredible! Thank you so much. Shiva was in front of my forehead. I was wondering if I should have taken the puffs, but Shiva seemed to approve, so it must be okay. I also saw Ganesha's face and felt that the Goddess Lalita Devi loves me! The energy is moving inside me, so I know that healing is taking place. (Participant)


I was walking and could feel the stones and the bones of the ancestors beneath my feet and they were strengthening the structures of my body . . . it was more hopeful than I've felt in a while.  Yes the earth is in pain, but there is so much vibrancy there too. (Participant)

I had the sense of a very fast-moving, continuous human journey - it went through cultures and epochs and eras, passing by all these diverse terrains . . . I realize the opportunity was to be attached to nothing and to let it all move. I felt a part of everything that had ever happened. (Participant)


The experience of sharing a space, communicating in the group and connecting over the weekend was really something special! (Participant)   


I appreciate the fact that I met you all, and the love and support you gave me will be memorable for life. (Participant)


The music was indescribable. The whole session was like a really great holiday.  (Participant)


I felt heavy-headed at first . . . it took me quite a while to work through it, but when it eventually lifted I truly felt great, almost giddy. (Participant)

I had severe pain in my left arm . . . but after three short rounds of the energy-releasing bodywork, the pain completely went away. (Participant)


We're all vulnerable together. Thank you for your kindness and compassion. (Participant)


It fills me with happiness that this work can happen here.  All of your accounts remind me why I do this work. I'm very moved by all your stories and sharing. (Participant)


The message for me is to reach out to people, to work with people, to help with love. I read spiritual books, but really, God is in people.  (Participant)


It was a beautiful healing journey. The session was very powerful and I'm very grateful for the experience - thank you! (Participant)


I was nervous beforehand, but it was very special to be in such a supportive space. Everything was ideal and I'm not scared of my process anymore. I know I’m stronger than I think. (Participant)


I saw a lot of colors in my sessions. It was very 3 or 4 dimensional. I had a soft landing and integration happening with surprising ease. (Participant) 


I feel a little more able to receive compliments and praise from people without closing the door. Thanks for holding space for us all. (Participant)


I was so nice to have trust for the people there and to feel my needs met. (Participant)


                            And on the experience of being a "sitter" for others:


There were a couple of times I had tears streaming down my face as I looked around and witnessed all the healing energy in the room. (Participant)


I also enjoyed the experience of being a sitter, seeing all the attention and care. It was a very beautiful experience. (Participant)


I'm grateful and proud of everyone. It was such a special opportunity to sit. I'm grateful to be part of this. (Participant)

It was a pleasure and honour to be a sitter in your inner journeys. I was glad to see so much healing and love during the weekend. I was also very happy to see the depth at which Cannabis can help healing. (Participant)


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