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More Reviews of The Archetypal Universe

“Ever since reading Cosmos and Psyche, I have dreamed of a book like this, a text which personalizes archetypal astrology while sustaining the glow of the transpersonal. I foresee this being a reference for hungry aficionados of astrology for many years to come.”

              Adam Sommer

              host of the Exploring Astrology Podcast

“Impressive and provocative . . . a wonderful work and great contribution to the field! I loved this well-researched and creative book—it opens up new territories for looking at the possibilities in a chart.”

               David Pond

               author of Astrology and Relationships and Chakras For Beginners

“Based on the seminal work of Tarnas and Grof, this book links the many variables of the astrological chart to people’s inner transformative experiences, whether through psychedelic sessions, psychotherapy, dreamwork, or perinatal memory. Butler adds a thoughtful blueprint for the reader to begin to understand the archetypal influences of the natal chart, so that they may begin their own journey of understanding.”                                                                                   

              Mark Jones

              author of Healing the Soul and The Soul Speaks


“Monumental in its scope. . . . While masterfully encyclopedic, the analysis continuously honors the integrity of soul.”         

              Brian Clark

              author of The Sibling Constellation and The Family Legacy


“[Butler’s] language is personable and welcoming, and all of the ideas are laid forward in a clear and concise manner. I feel this will be an important text and guide for archetypal astrologers and students of the discipline for many years to come.” 

              Becca Tarnas



“Wonderfully accessible and smart. . . . Butler replaces the old cookbook-style astrology books with a thoughtful guide for learning to combine the archetypal qualities of the planets for oneself.”  

              Adam Elenbaas

              Nightlight Astrology


“A unique encyclopedia of the potent significance of three-planet aspects. Butler’s meticulous exploration of every planetary triad, each with an array of illuminating examples, inspires the discernment necessary for the future of thoughtful astrological research.” 

             Joshua  Witmer                                                                          



“. . . one of the most important contributions to the field since Tarnas’ Cosmos and Psyche. Butler’s extensive research into archetypal astrology and holotropic states of consciousness places him in a special position, upon which he draws deeply in this careful and detailed analysis of holotropic states and planetary alignments. The Archetypal Universe is sure to be an exquisitely singular resource for astrologers, therapists, and all concerned citizens of the world engaged in deep self-experiential practice.”

              Chad Harris



 “. . . a carefully studied advance of the disciplines of archetypal astrology and transpersonal psychology. . . . Demonstrating the author’s clear grasp of the material, the work is both encyclopedic and easily readable, sure to reward interested beginners and probing academics alike.”
              Sean O’Sullivan, M.D. 


“I highly recommend this book.  Setting forth highly concentrated insights, it is sure to be invaluable for astrologers of all levels.”

              Chet Zdrowski



“My skin is still rippling with goosebumps and my eyes have the moistness of truth from having read this truly inspiring, insightful, accurate and compassionate blending of Ebertin, Grof and Tarnas’ work. Bravo!”

              Michael Bartlett



“A major contribution to both the fields of archetypal astrology and transpersonal psychology. Written with impressive clarity and coherency, and rich in its descriptions of subtle and nuanced states of awareness, this work is clearly the product of decades of experience in deep self-exploration.”

              Kyle Leimetter



“By drawing upon dreamwork, the arts and culture, myth, and spirituality, Butler’s greatest gift is his ability to give readers an immersive grasp of the experiential universe of archetypal combinations. Through his careful and thorough examination of planetary pairings and triads, he proves to be a seasoned, wise, and undoubtedly valuable guide.”

              Bill Streett, former assistant editor of “Archai:

              The Journal of Archetypal Cosmology”


“In this practical handbook for deep transformation, Butler shows where the rubber meets the road in humankind’s quest to meet its full potential. Crystallizing the fundamental insights of astrology in a single volume, The Archetypal Universe explores the fertile ground where the depths of the human psyche meet the vast self-awareness of the starry cosmos itself.”

              James Moran



“Inspired by his studies with Tarnas and Grof, and informed by more than thirty-five years of astrological practice and exploration of the psyche in non-ordinary states of consciousness, Butler has created a concise, insightful, and accessible handbook that will be of much value to astrologers, therapists, and spiritual practitioners seeking to come to terms with the archetypal powers shaping our lives.”

              Keiron Le Grice

              author of The Archetypal Cosmos and Discovering Eris

More Reviews of Pathways to Wholeness

Renn Butler has performed a great service for that special category of readers who are seriously involved in the exploration of consciousness, and who have become convinced that there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in the conventional philosophies of the modern world view and mainstream psychology. Based on research that has been taught and studied during the past thirty years in graduate school seminars and public lectures, this is the first book to set forth the basic outline of that research for a larger public. Describing systematic correlations between experiences in non-ordinary states of consciousness and planetary cycles, Butler has also included his own insights and impressions after decades of work in this field. The writing is clear and accessible. The spirit of the book is modest and compassionate. The resulting work is an invaluable guide for all those courageous individuals and therapists who are engaged in exploring the unfolding mystery of the psyche and its relationship with the greater cosmos.

       Richard Tarnas, professor of psychology and cultural history, California Institute of   

       Integral Studies, author of The Passion of the Western MindPrometheus the

       Awakener, and Cosmos and Psyche


Renn's book is really terrific. It's deep. It's intelligent. It's got big words when you need big words and avoids them when you don't. I like that! He takes a lot of the macroscopic and metapolitical view of astrology that Richard Tarnas has embodied so well and applies it effectively, kindly and helpfully at the individual level. This is an important piece of work in the emerging paradigm of modern archetypal astrological counseling. I recommend it!

       Steven Forrest, author of The Inner Sky, The Changing Sky, and The Night Speaks


Within the field of transpersonal psychology, there is nothing that attempts to map out experiences in non-ordinary states of consciousness in quite this much detail. In an area where there are few maps anyway, this book is a guide to otherwise unknown territory. Using archetypal astrology as a theoretical framework, it systematically identifies and describes a full range of inner experiences, with practical advice about navigating, supporting and integrating them.
       In an ideal parallel world where the history of psychology turned left instead of right, this book and others like it could easily find a home on the shelves of psychiatrists, crisis centres and hospices. It is a reminder that there are so many more ways of interpreting and making sense of human experience, and that our own lives can always be a little richer for being willing to take a leap of the intellect and the heart.

       John Ablett, Holotropic Breathwork facilitator, United Kingdom


A valuable contribution to the growing body of literature that is emerging to support the very welcome renaissance in consciousness research.

      Sean O'Sullivan, M.D.



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