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My interest in self-exploration and understanding began as a young person in the 1960s when I was exposed to Jungian depth psychology and gestalt by my parents and their friends. Following a B.A. in English and Religious Studies from the University of Alberta, I lived at the Esalen Institute in California for 2½ years where I became deeply immersed in the transpersonal psychology of Stanislav Grof and the emerging archetypal astrology of Richard Tarnas. In 2022 I received my PhD from Ubiquity University in Archetypal Astrology and Transpersonal Psychology.

I also completed training as a Holotropic Breathwork facilitator with Stan and Christina Grof in 1989 and have facilitated many workshops in Victoria, Canada. My own research includes over four decades of archetypal-astrology consultations and breathwork workshops, and forty years of Jungian-Grofian dreamwork. I have also worked in health care for three decades with physically, mentally and emotionally challenged adults.

I deeply enjoy supporting people in their spiritual and healing quests and it is always an honor to do astrology readings for people on this journey.



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