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I offer consultations using Richard Tarnas' in-depth, psychological approach to the natal chart, personal transits, and world transits.  We can do sessions either in person or over the phone - I record the conversation and send the link to you.  Readings are approximately 80-90 minutes. $375 USD.  


My approach to astrology is positive, empowering, and encouraging.  I help people to feel comfortable with the emotional and archetypal energies that are operating in their psyches, as well as suggest specific techniques for dealing with them. Archetypal astrology can help to shed light on relationship issues, career choices, health concerns, emotional states, spiritual practices, and many other areas of life.


Every planetary alignment represents experiences that are happening or trying to happen. The more people understand the emotional-archetypal impulses that are operating in their psyches, the more consciously and responsibly they can work with those tendencies, helping them to manifest in the most constructive and life-supporting ways possible. The study of astrology helps people to move in the direction that their deepest inner wisdom or inner healer is already trying to take them.

Astrology Consultation

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                                                 Comments from Clients

“Renn, thank you so much!  It’s been a real privilege. You know, I was gifted this reading and was not familiar with you prior, but now, when I realized the level at which you’re playing, I was like, ‘Wow! What a privilege!’ So thank you. Thank you! In so many ways the reading was an affirmation for who I am and what I’ve been intuiting.”

Nancy J., Utah


“Thank you again for a wonderful conversation and the best astrology reading I’ve ever had. You left me with so much to think about.” 

Lisa L., California

"I feel so appreciative. I feel more understood than I have in such a long time."

Angie B., Idaho


“I found the reading to be so helpful. I feel lighter and more positive about myself. Much gratitude to you for assisting with this shift in perspective.”

Naomi S., California


“You said so much that I found really confirming, supporting and enlightening, exactly what I needed and more.”

Peggy F., Utah


“Thank you so much. Our talk was extremely profound for me. I have been familiarizing myself with the work of Stan Grof and feel like I have come back home. Thanks again for the contacts. I’m looking forward to seeing how life will unfold from here!”

Traci B., Ontario


“It was extremely helpful. Thank you very much for your insights. I have a newfound sense of relief, peace, clarity and motivation.”

Eric B., California

“I cannot thank you enough for your clear and compassionate reading. It is always refreshing to hear that the astrology of the natal chart backs up one's deepest dreams and desires.”

Stephanie B., California


“Thank you for your completely different take on astrology.” 

Tara V., Pennsylvania


“Thank you for the reading, it was amazing to hear some new and enlightening insights into my ‘old’ chart. Much appreciated! It’s nice to feel excited rather than dread for the current and future transits. You have a very different spin on Neptune than I’m used to hearing. The whole confusion, illusion, delusion line is so nebulous and limited. So I really appreciate your explanation of it.”

Karen P., Wisconsin 


 “This is very important information for me. I feel empowered and excited. Thank you.”

Sara T., Florida

"Thank you again for yesterday! So amazing. Truly. I am beyond grateful."

Whitney H., South Carolina


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