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                   A Workshop in Integration Journeywork

                                                                                  May 17 - 20 at the

                                             Magical Eaglenest Sanctuary near Victoria, B.C.


You are invited to attend this special workshop in Integration Journeywork, which will use the process of THC Internalized -

sessions with eyeshades, headphones and evocative music, as well as energy-releasing bodywork when requested. People

can also choose to do deep breathing  with the headphones and music instead of THC (which we call Integration Breathwork). 

Participants choose a partner, and one person will do a session on Saturday with the other “sitting,” and then

on Sunday they will switch places. There will also be a high ratio of facilitators who will provide support to everyone. 

May 17 (Fri 6:30 pm for dinner) - May 20 (Mon 11 am)

$595 Cdn for shared dorm-style accommodation and healthy meals

$525 early bird rate until May 1st

(maximum fourteen participants - seven journeyers per session)

*Fees are 50% refundable until April 15

Master practitioner James Cunningham will also be onsite offering sessions in massage and bodywork.

With the widespread, favorable coverage of CBD oil, it is surprising how little attention has been given to the responsible

use of THC in deep emotional work. Using cannabis with an internalized set or intention can provide unusually strong

experiences - for many people, even more so than with MDMA. It is also an ideal training for professionals interested in

working with more powerful catalysts in the future. Cannabis is currently the most powerful, legal catalyst to

self-exploration in the Western world (Canada). We invite therapists who want a broad, hands-on training for their own

upcoming work in this developing field.

The workshop will include presentations on Grof's expanded cartography of the human unconscious, on how to support

clients' own inner self-healing intelligence, and on how to use archetypal astrology to support the spiritual quest. Journeyers 

will have full permission and unconditional support to experience  any material that emerges from their psyches. This

modality combines the maximum benefits and minimized risks of using eyeshades and headphones, with the community-

building, bonding, and inspiring elements of a group workshop. The format will allow plenty of time for optimal integration,

with opportunities to walk in nature, swim, soak, sit around the fire, share our experience in group circles, and say hello to the

Alpacas. The Eaglenest Sanctuary is bordered by the clear and vibrant Koksilah River, with a large deck and a famous

walking/biking trail adjacent to the property.

We will follow careful medical and psychological screening procedures for all participants. To ensure full effect, we also

recommend that people refrain from ingesting THC or other psychedelics for at least a week prior to the workshop.


Renn Butler trained and certified with Stanislav and Christina Grof as a Holotropic Breathwork facilitator and has been

offering workshops and private sessions in Victoria for almost thirty years. His two books, Pathways to Wholeness and

The Archetypal Universe: Astrological Patterns in Human Culture, Thought, Emotion and Dreams have earned widespread

critical acclaim. Grof writes: “I don’t know any other book that combines impeccable scholarship with deep experiential

knowledge of the human unconscious.” Renn has also worked in group homes and day programs with physically, mentally, 

and emotionally challenged adults for more than twenty-five years.





























                          Past Workshops

Re-Enchant Your Soul in the Heart of the Mayan Riviera

                                      February 3 - 10, 2019

                                  (*we will be offering this one again*)

                 A Week of Holotropic Breathwork, Dreamwork, Archetypal Astrology,   

                                                  and Visits to Mayan Ruins                                                                   


Join us for eight days and seven nights in the heart of the Mayan Riviera and Yucatan for a Holotropic Breathwork™, group

dreamwork, archetypal astrology, and Mayan ruin celebration at the magical Cachito de Cielo retreat center near Tulum, Mexico.

With Renn Butler, Laurel Watjen, James Cunningham, Amber Balk, James Moran, and Lotte Schultz.

Nourish your body, mind, and soul with opportunities for deep self-exploration and emotional release work, soaking in the

Caribbean, cenotes and swimming pool, delicious meals, hiking, dancing, massage, and visits to Mayan sanctuaries. The cliff-side

site at Tulum was an observatory, and many of the streets of this inspired town are named after the astrological signs and

planets. We will also visit the famous ruins of Chichen Itza, called One of the New Seven Wonders of the World. There will also

be time to relax and explore the beauties of Tulum and area. Each participant will have opportunities to breathe twice in

Holotropic Breathwork sessions and support others twice. No previous experience with Holotropic Breathwork is necessary.


   Videos of the retreat center, Cachito de Cielo:

   The town of Tulum:

    And the Grand Cenote, just a few-minutes walk from the retreat center:


Re-Enchant Your Soul in the Heart of the Mayan Riviera

February 3 - 10

Book now and get $200 off the listed price - until January 5


Dorm (8 people) - $1350 USD - ($1150 early bird)

Quad - $1500 USD - ($1300 early bird) SOLD OUT

Double  SOLD OUT

Single Beds  SOLD OUT

Includes: Workshop fees and all meals except one lunch during our excursion to Chichen Itza

Not Included: Transportation to and from the airport (10 USD each way - , entrance fees and transportation to the

Tulum (10 USD) and Chichen Itza (45 USD) ruin sites, or entrance fees to the Gran Cenote (10 USD).

The nearest airport is in Cancun, and there are regular buses from the Cancun airport to Tulum (a two-hour ride), followed by a

five-minute taxi to the retreat center, Cachito de Cielo.  :-)

*Nurture yourself with a healing bodywork session during the workshop with James Cunningham - book your sessions in

advance at*


For people on a tight budget, dorm accomodations in Tulum are also available that would save about $170 on the room portion

of the workshop fees. However, we highly recommend that people stay at the retreat center.

Weary Traveler Hostel

     Fees at the hostel:

Single mixed dorm rooms approx. $20 USD per night - includes breakfasts at the hostel =$140/week

Lunches and dinners at the retreat center all week plus workshop fee = $855 - early bird $735


People are also invited to come a few days early, or stay a few days later - to relax and enjoy this beautiful part of Mexico -

accomodations are available at Cachito de Cielo where the workshop will be: - or at the Weary Traveler Hostel Bicycles are available to rent in Tulum for $4 US/day.

Renn Butler is a Holotropic Breathwork facilitator with three decades of experience offering workshops in Victoria, Canada.

He is also a counseling archetypal astrologer who has written two critically acclaimed books, The Archetypal Universe and

Pathways to Wholeness. As well as cofacilitating the Holotropic Breathwork sessions and sharing astrological knowledge

throughout the week, Renn will present an evocative slideshow based on Stanislav Grof’s research into the Mayan prophecies

of our time. He will also be an avid and enthusiastic traveler to visit the Mayan ruins.


Laurel Watjen, MA is a Holotropic Breathwork facilitator and co-founder of the non-profit Breathwork Northwest. She has

organized and facilitated breathwork workshops and retreats in the United States and abroad since 2010. As a psychotherapist

with a deep interest in somatic and non-ordinary state approaches to trauma work, Laurel passionately supports individuals in

coming home to their authentic selves. She is a lover of the inner and outer journeys in life and is looking forward to supporting

people in their explorations in Tulum. See

James Cunningham is a master practitioner and instructor of many modalities in the healing arts. He will be offering private

sessions in bodywork combining elements of acupressure, Tui Na, Quantum Touch Energywork, kinesiology, and traditional

Hawaiian Kahi Loa bodywork. These sessions are done with medium tissue depth and pressure to release blockages and set

new patterns of healthy energy flow. Aromatherapy essential oils also help to pamper and soothe tired muscles. He will also

be offering Quantum Flow Yoga and Qi Gong classes for relaxation and integration.

Amber R. Balk, Ph.D. is a transpersonal psychologist, researcher, and community activist. Especially passionate about Community

Dreamwork, she teaches and facilitates this transpersonal practice as a way to witness, honor, and share with others by deeply

contemplating and opening to the messages of nighttime dreams within a group setting. This type of dreamwork is extremely

respectful, allowing the dreamer to decide what resonates, while simultaneously activating individual realizations within the

group. A potent and easily accessible transpersonal modality, participants generally report a greater sense of connection to Self,

humanity, and ecosystem after Community Dreamwork. For more information, visit


James Moran Obsessed with spirituality all his life, James began studying yoga, meditation and the work of Stanislav Grof in his

teens, traveling to both India and California. He has taught yoga to the employees, presidents, and CEOs of many Fortune 500

companies such as Google, Yahoo and Cisco, helping them to manage their stress and improve their physical health. In his

astrology practice he helps people to align their personal and professional goals, and realize the role they have to play in a

rapidly changing world that needs their unique skills and contributions. James will present on the outer planets in astrology as

they manifest in people’s emotional and professional lives. See  

Lotte Schultz is an experienced holistic practitioner, psychotherapist, group facilitator, trainer and certified Holotropic

Breathwork™ facilitator. Drawing on more then thirty years experience in spirituality and the healing arts, Lotte provides

individual sessions and facilitates monthly personal development seminars as well as regular Holotropic Breathwork™ groups.

She also offers practitioner training and certification in the healing arts. Holotropic Breathwork™ plays a pivotal role in her life

and private practice.

* This retreat counts as credit toward Renn Butler's certification program in Archetypal Astrology. *

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