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Crystallizing the fundamental insights of astrology in a single volume, The Archetypal Universe explores the fertile ground where the depths of the human psyche meet the vast self-awareness of the starry cosmos itself.”

              James Moran



“The depths of Butler’s compassion shine through contribution to the field of dream studies with his introduction of holotropic dreamwork, which he situates within the Jungian and Grofian lineages. . . .This book will be a truly valuable resource to the wider astrological, holotropic, psychedelic, and dreamwork communities.”

              Erica Jones


Renn Butler, Pathways to Wholeness

"The writing is clear and accessible. . . The resulting work is an invaluable guide for all those courageous individuals and therapists who are engaged in exploring the unfolding mystery of the psyche and its relationship with the greater cosmos."

            Richard Tarnas

            author of Cosmos and Psyche

"An extraordinary book that represents an important contribution both to astrology and to transpersonal psychology. I believe that responsible work with psychedelics and other holotropic states combined with archetypal astrology is the future of psychiatry, psychology, and psychotherapy."

           Stanislav Grof

           author of Realms of the Human                       Unconscious

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