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Online Course in Archetypal and Holotropic Astrology

                                     Leading to Certification

I am very excited to offer my second ten-month online class in archetypal and holotropic astrology, beginning the fall of 2021. I hope you can join me for this unique learning opportunity.

This course will explore groundbreaking discoveries in archetypal astrology and transpersonal psychology, based on the work of Richard Tarnas and Stanislav Grof, and my own research of more than four decades.

September 25, 2021 through June 2022  (we will take breaks in December, during the Spring Equinox, and several other Saturdays as well)

30 weeks (Saturdays, Noon - 2:00 pm Pacific time)                                                              

$995 USD (early bird rate $745 until May 1)

All classes will be recorded, so you do not have to participate live each week.

Designed for people with a basic knowledge of astrology, this course will present all the essential information for an in-depth understanding of natal aspects and transits.  We will explore together all the combinations of planetary archetypes - Sun-Moon, Sun-Mercury, Sun-Venus . . . out to Neptune-Pluto - looking at their effects in our everyday lives and relationships, in music, art, cinema, literature, history, philosophy and comedy, and in dreams, Holotropic Breathwork and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.

I will review what every student of astrology should know about all the various aspects and transits, and the relative strengths of different chart factors. In this process, we will take a wide-ranging journey through the fascinating realms of the human psyche and its expressions in world culture, all referenced to the symbolic and emotional language of astrology.

For interested laypersons, this class will give you a multitude of useful techniques for dealing with challenging emotional and psychological energies and turning them toward their more positive forms. For professionals drawn to Tarnas' archetypal approach, this class will augment your knowledge and take your practice to additional levels. I will be enhancing many of my presentations with visual illustrations by the Archetypal Explorer astrology program (, considered by many the industry standard.  We will also have a number of guest presentations by other astrologers.

The course fee includes a full-length natal and transit chart interpretation for each student, or two fifty-minute personalized mentoring sessions in any area of astrology students feel they need more work. If you would like to postpone the mentoring sessions, the course  fee becomes $170 less. (However they have to be completed later in order to certify and will be $120 each).

Students will have the opportunity to apply the insights of archetypal astrology to the interpretation of their own dreams, to the content of their own or other's holotropic sessions, to their relationship charts, and to current events. There will be lots of time for asking questions, for personal sharing, and for the development of a supportive online community.

Much attention will be given to a holistic approach to chart interpretation, the weighting of various chart factors, and how to develop an astrological practice. Presented with humor and fun, and laden with practical insights, this course is sure to be an exciting time in your astrological unfolding. It would be an honor to have you participate in this special first ten-month course.

       Ten-Month Course in Archetypal and Holotropic Astrology

       Starts September 25, 2021

       (Saturdays, Noon-2:00 pm Pacific time)

       $995 USD (early bird rate $745 until May 1)  


My sixteen-week course from the fall of 2018 is also available now if you want to start learning right away.  

16 weeks - $325 USD

What students have said about my classes:

Eva U, Switzerland: “Wow! Such an opulent abundance of content.”

Holly S, New Mexico: “Thanks for today and every Saturday. It’s been such a beautiful and deeply awakening experience.”

Alan B, Florida: “You are an outstanding teacher with great clarity and articulation. . . . I am extremely excited to dive into the material and learn from you.”

Art G, California: “Awesome . . . Thanks for your great blending of Grof’s and Tarnas’ work.”

Amber B, Oregon: “I want to express my immense gratitude for the opportunity to partake in the wisdom and wealth of knowledge you are sharing via your classes! Wonderful stuff!! I feel immense gratitude and love for what you are doing! Thank you!” 

Sarah M, California: “OMG, I just love the class, so full of possibility and positivity. . . all the snippets of great quotes and movies, good stories. I love getting the energetic flavors of the archetypal combinations through the multimedia examples. Keep up the awesome, fun, dynamic work! And you transmit a lot of good energy along with the insights and archetypes. THANK YOU!”


Anna G, Canada: “Thanks so much for your time, energy and knowledge in this class. I pretty much wake up, thinking of astrology, go to work thinking of astrology, think about it at various points throughout work, and then think about it on my way home, and all the way until night!” 

Lotte S, Australia: “The class is brilliant and gives me hope!”

Syd S, Washington: “I’m not religious and I wasn’t raised religious. But this archetypal astrology somehow feels spiritual. . . . These classes are contributing to my healing. They’re giving me a much bigger context from which to view my emotional roadblocks. . . Even though I’ve read plenty of astrology books by all the luminaries, the archetypes aren’t luminous for me. But it feels different now. Somehow this class, and your way of presenting, is beginning to make them come alive in me.”

Ximon D, Washington: "Your style of teaching and the people you draw to you have made for some of the most enjoyable learning experiences I've had in connection with this art."

Anna F: "Your teaching as well as other students' inspired thoughts and feelings on what we are focusing on expands in many directions, like threads leading me toward new treasures of knowledge, opening up and deepening the experience of chart interpretation. Thank you and all participants for your generosity. This is indeed an experiential approach to Astrology." 

Suvaco H, UK: “A huge appreciative thanks for the course - you can’t possibly know how deeply it speaks to me.”

You can also purchase my entire 16-week course from 2018-19.

$325 USD


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