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I am excited to present an online course in Archetypal and Holotropic Astrology, this fall

The Archetypal Universe

"I don't know any other book that combines impeccable scholarship with deep experiential knowledge of the human unconscious. I believe this book will become a favorite astrological guide for people doing serious inner work."

                  Stanislav Grof

                  author of The Adventure of Self-Discovery and Psychology of                        the Future


“I predict that within a few years, Renn Butler’s masterful encyclopedia of planetary pairs and triads, as they come together in the natal chart by transit or in relationship charts, will be a well-thumbed volume on many an astrologer’s book shelf.”

                Steven Forrest

                author of The Inner Sky and Yesterday’s Sky

“The depths of Butler’s compassion shine through in this important . . . contribution to the field of dream studies with his introduction of holotropic dreamwork, which he situates within the Jungian and Grofian lineages. . . . This book will be a truly valuable resource to the wider astrological, holotropic, psychedelic, and dreamwork communities.”

                Erica Jones,


“Whether you’re a novice or professional, this book is a must-read. The information is new, exciting and applicable—Butler had me at the introduction and I devoured it to the end. Every astrological library needs this book.”

                Joanne Wickenburg

                author of The Solar Return Chart and Reframing Transits



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Renn Butler, Pathways to Wholeness

Pathways to Wholeness 

A Map for the Inner Quest



Described by Stanislav Grof as “the Rosetta Stone of consciousness research,” archetypal astrology is based on a correspondence between planetary alignments and archetypal patterns in human experience. By drawing on the work of Richard Tarnas and Grof, Butler systematically describes the archetypal themes and qualities associated with each of the major planetary combinations studied in astrology and considers how these themes might manifest and be supported in deep psychological self-exploration. Based on over thirty years of research, Pathways to Wholeness is an indispensable reference book for explorers of the inner worlds.


"The writing is clear and accessible. The spirit of the book is modest and compassionate. The resulting work is an invaluable guide for all those courageous individuals and therapists who are engaged in exploring the unfolding mystery of the psyche and its relationship with the greater cosmos."

Richard Tarnas, Ph.D, professor of psychology and cultural history, California Institute of Integral  Studies, author of The Passion of the Western Mind, Prometheus the Awakener,  and Cosmos and Psyche.


"An extraordinary book that represents an important contribution both to astrology and to transpersonal psychology. I believe that responsible work with psychedelics and other holotropic states combined with archetypal astrology is the future of psychiatry, psychology, and psychotherapy."

Stanislav Grof, M.D., author of Realms of the Human UnconsciousThe Adventure of Self-Discovery, Psychology of the Future, and as co-author, Holotropic Breathwork.

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